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St. Patrick's day

Max size: 321x450px

Print size: 8x11cm, 3x4inch

Used: 25736 times since 16 Mar 2012


Leprechaun with gold

Max size: 321x450px

Print size: 8x11cm, 3x4inch

Used: 16768 times since 14 Mar 2012

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St. Patrick’s Day Photo Frames – Go Irish!

This is one of the unique holidays, celebrated by the whole world now, though it came from one small country – Ireland. Also called the Feast of Saint Patrick, this is a holiday connected with Irish culture as well as religion. It is celebrated on the death date of the patron saint of Irelands and is usually a great festivity. We all associate lots of beer, shamrock and green color with this holiday.

Face it – one of the best photos that you have, thou wouldn’t show just anyone, come from the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The question “why did an Irish holiday become so popular all around the world?” is common and yet has a clear answer. Irish are everywhere! Hundreds of thousands of emigrants came out of Ireland in dire times and their descendants now live in most countries of the world. Apparently, the jolly and loud celebrations of Saint Patrick’s Day were favored by the natives and now we see the result – it’s a holiday for the entire humanity.

But let’s get back to photos – showing how you’re having fun, wearing a leprechaun hat and drinking Guinness is not enough. What would really make people crazy over your pictures, are free St Patrick’s Day photo frames from! Our idea lies in adding some spice to the otherwise funny photos, making them outright hilarious!

All you have to do is visit and choose the right frame in accordance with the spirit of your photo. Mind – green is not everything in this case, though everything might as well be green! There are clichés as well as original ideas and in any way – your picture from St. Patrick’s Day celebration would become seasoned and better-looking. Some of them were designed for the simple cases, when you didn’t have enough Irish entourage around, but some – for the moments, when you’d rather not have seen your own face at that moment! Choose wisely.