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Spring violet tulips and yellow butterfly

Max size: 1500x1060px

Print size: 38x26cm, 15x10inch

Used: 3839 times since 29 Apr 2020

Last time used: 4 hours ago


Spring bird and violet flowers

Max size: 1061x1500px

Print size: 26x38cm, 10x15inch

Used: 11756 times since 29 Apr 2020

Last time used: 2 hours ago


First Spring flowers

Max size: 1060x1500px

Print size: 26x38cm, 10x15inch

Used: 16249 times since 03 Apr 2018

Last time used: 22 hours ago


Spring Story

Max size: 955x1350px

Print size: 24x34cm, 9x13inch

Used: 40925 times since 27 Mar 2015

Last time used: 19 mins ago


Beautiful spring day

Max size: 955x1350px

Print size: 24x34cm, 9x13inch

Used: 12410 times since 21 Mar 2015

Last time used: 3 days ago


Early spring mood

Max size: 964x1350px

Print size: 24x34cm, 9x13inch

Used: 55750 times since 06 Mar 2013

Last time used: 13 mins ago


Spring colors

Max size: 900x1350px

Print size: 22x34cm, 9x13inch

Used: 27967 times since 09 Feb 2013

Last time used: 1 days ago


Spring spirit

Max size: 300x450px

Print size: 7x11cm, 3x4inch

Used: 93764 times since 19 Apr 2012

Last time used: 4 hours ago


Spring mood

Max size: 317x450px

Print size: 8x11cm, 3x4inch

Used: 107309 times since 20 Sep 2010

Last time used: 20 hours ago


Spring is coming

Max size: 500x390px

Print size: 12x9cm, 5x3inch

Used: 50231 times since 11 Apr 2010

Last time used: 21 days ago


Spring spirit scrap page

Max size: 450x450px

Print size: 11x11cm, 4x4inch

Used: 35567 times since 01 Apr 2010

Last time used: 3 days ago

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Spring usually associates with the nature’s awakening, with the new plans and new promising hopes. It is a time of meeting new interesting people, making friends and going out for parties. All those little special moments need to be captured by camera and shared among growing circle of new friends. Let’s make these moments even more wonderful, adding lovely spring picture frame to your photos.

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