1. What is LoonaPix.com about?
In a few words - Loonapix is going to beautify your life.
I can truly say - at least, it is our aim :)
2. How does it work?
It is really simple.
First of all you should upload your photo.
At the moment, there are three ways to do it:
  • via "My File" tab, where you can select a local file from your computer;
  • via "URL" tab, where you can enter an URL to the image in the WEB;
After your photo is uploaded, you should choose a frame/trim/effect/face you like.
From the very beginning we propose you 9 newest frames/trims/effects/face. But you can easily
select one of the other ones, that are divided into categories and sub categories.
Use tools to make your photo best one.
3. Any restrictions?
Yep. We have some. They are:
  • only JPG, GIF and PNG format images are accepted. But don't worry. These are the most common formats in the world at the moment.
  • max photo size is 5Mb. This is quite enough for the high quality image.
  • Unused pictures will be removed after 2 weeks.
Sure, you will get a warning if a problem arises.
4. Copyrights
Please, contact as if any copyrights inquiries arise.
We will respond promptly as the law requires.
5. Any cool features?
We hope the whole site is a cool feature:)
But we have a special one.
It is useful for owners of blogs or personal web pages, like Facebook or Twitter accounts.
Just try to embed such image on your web resource and I believe you will really appreciate the result.
6. What is next?
More and more new frames/trims/effects/faces.