Photo effect - Cold wind gust
Photo effect - Shades of the past
Photo effect - Small pieces of mosaic
Photo effect - The colors of the rainbow
Photo effect - Cold breath of Autumn
Photo effect - Pleasant memories
Photo effect - Black and white simplicity
Photo effect - Snowy winter landscape
Photo effect - Bright aquarelle painting
Photo effect - Freshness of pastel tones
Photo effect - Mystery of fleeting moment
Photo effect - Elegance of strict lines
Photo effect - Freshness of frosty morning
Photo effect - The charm of van Gogh starry night
Photo effect - Gentle colors of dawn
Photo effect - Bright colors of the imagination
Photo effect - Green shades of Autumn
Photo effect - Soft floral fragrance

The new epoch of photo editing has been started. Meet AI based photo editing. Photo to art transformation now as easy as never. You asking how? Thanks to artificial intelligence and online generators! You may have heard before about Prisma app photo effects, or Deep Dream photo filters, or may be other similar services. They are all based on neural networks. Now also offers you the best templates to turn your photo into art. Everything you need is to upload any your photo, choose "photo-to-art" template and wait several seconds. Result may exceed your expectations.

So how do all those Deep Dream and Prisma like photo filters do their work. The work is done by trained neural network, or simply saying, by artificial intelligence. It can do magic and make any photo looks like a work of famous artist: Van Gogh, Picasso etc. Except artists also offers you artistic templates that looks like oil paiting, mosaic and many others.