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 Photo frame - Nature beauty on the Christmas Eve   Photo frame - Little angel wish you a happy holidays   Photo frame - Letter to the New Year with best wishes   Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - White horse on the doorstep 
 Photo frame - Scrap style Christmas card   Photo frame - Child's letter "Dear Santa..."   Photo frame - Meet the New Year together   Photo frame - Kind Santa in the deep forest 

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 Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - Snow fairy tale   Photo frame - Time to decorate Xmas tree   Photo frame - For the lovely hearts in the New Year   Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - Silver winter is coming up 
 Photo frame - World becomes kinder before holidays   Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - Meet the New Year with minions   Photo frame - Christmas decorations with nice frostwork   Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - New Year calendar with snowman 
 Photo frame - Who was the most obedient?   Photo frame - Little angels song for newborn baby   Photo frame - Winter blue mountains   Photo frame - Calendar 2014 - Cheerful company of Vinnie Pooh's friends 
 Photo frame - Meet Christmas with candies and Gingerbread Man   Photo frame - Horseshoe for good luck in the New Year   Photo frame - Calendar for 2014 - Christmas Gifts   Photo frame - Winter knocking to the door 
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